Core Values

Enthusiasm, Adaptability, Partnership, & Performance

Core Values for Nelson Baker Biotech. We asked our team what Nelson Baker’s core values look like in their day-to-day work life. Here’s what they had to say:

Enthusiasm – Powered by Passion

“The Nelson Baker team comes from a wide variety of backgrounds from Power Generation, Petrochemical, Biorefining and Commercial which provides for new ideas from different backgrounds. You can see the passion for our work in the final product delivered for each project. “

Dustin S.

Adaptability – Exploring All Ideas

“Adaptability is taking signals from the situation; from the feedback you get; and from the vision you have to change things accordingly. By understanding our customer’s needs and goals we can adapt how we do things to better fit their expectations.”

Ed J.

Partnership – Working for YOU by working with YOU

“We work with the customer to try to give them the best solution instead of just doing things our way.”

Travis V.

Performance – Delivering with Consistent Excellence

“Always looking out for the best way to ensure delivering an excellent performance, consistently. We give it our very best, always.”

Heri R.