Biotech Innovation

The Nelson Baker Biotech team is driven by an enthusiasm for biotech innovation. We partner with the industry’s pioneers to provide turnkey engineering, procurement and construction services. You will find us innovating in a number of biotech applications: fuel ethanol, biochemicals, ag processing, advanced and renewable biofuels, bioplastics, biomass, and algae.

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Expert Services

Our expertise is backed by field and operations experience, licensed professional engineers, and experience in a diversity of industries. Our health, safety, and regulatory services elevate our projects to exceptional levels of safety and sustainability.

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Ideas Made Ideal

Nelson Baker Biotech partners with customers who have an idea for a process upgrade, a need to scale-up a proprietary technology or a desire to optimize their current facilities. We can help. Working together, we help our customers optimize, build, and maintain the safest and most efficient facilities in the industry. Custom solutions keep our clients successful and our jobs exciting. We work to see your Ideas made Ideal.

Core Values

Regardless of the project size or type, these are our priorities.


We Love What We Do

  • We like to love what we do.
  • We approach projects with enthusiasm.
  • We have a good attitude about our work.

You Love What You Do

  • You know we are willing to go the extra mile.
  • You enjoy working with us.
  • You like what you do even more.


Custom Solutions for Every Project

  • We keep our work fresh by constantly innovating.
  • We deliver custom solutions quickly.
  • We work to provide the best design for each project.

Custom Solutions for Your Project

  • You receive a unique solution for your unique challenge.
  • You have confidence that our design will work for you.
  • You count on us to adapt to your project’s needs.


Partnership with Every Client

  • We cultivate meaningful relationships with customers and vendors.
  • We take ownership of every project, working as if it were our very own.
  • We are transparent in the work we do.

Partnership with You

  • You rest assured that we do what is best for the project.
  • You trust us.
  • You know we are investing towards the long-term.



  • We work hard.
  • We get the job done.
  • We take pride in our projects.

Performance for You

  • You become a loyal, satisfied customer.
  • You know we are committed to finishing what we started.
  • You can take pride in your project too.

Nelson Baker Giving Back

Coming to work every day is about more than just a paycheck. The Nelson Baker team’s successful partnerships with clients, contractors and vendors have allowed us opportunities to give back to not only our home area, but quite often regionally and nationally.

Our team members are hands on and energetic, bringing the same care and vigor to volunteer project as they do to an engineering and construction project. Our company’s purpose goes well beyond the projects and this is why we come to work every day.

Our Team

Jerry Baker CEO

Jerry is leading Nelson Baker forward with over 20 years of experience as a chemical engineer in the renewable energy and bioproducts industries such as ethanol, soybean and soft seed crushing, corn milling, co-generation and nutraceuticals. His professional career has consisted of a variety of management roles in maintenance, project management, operations, engineering and plant management.  Developing clients’ ideas and making them a reality is one of the things he enjoys most about his job.  And he is proud of the energy and ingenuity of the Nelson Baker team.

Stacy Nelson President

Stacy oversees Nelson Baker’s project execution with over 25 years of experience in mechanical engineering and project management.  He utilizes his working relationships within the industry to partner with the most knowledgeable and experienced vendors.  The result is project delivery within budget and on schedule.  His strength is helping the project team organize, communicate, and execute in a timely manner.  And he most enjoys innovating solutions to the new and unique projects that our customers bring to our door.

Andrew Argo Director of Operations & Engineering

Andrew oversees the engineering and operational efforts of the Nelson Baker team. With over 18 years of experience, his experience ranges from process development, new technology development, scale up, process design, process startup as well as operations. He enjoys helping customers develop and commercialize novel ideas and technologies and values the ways Nelson Baker innovates new ideas with clients.

Craig Snelling Director of Project Management / Structural Engineer

Craig contributes civil engineering and project management skills that have developed over 25+ years of design, planning and execution of large industrial projects.  His structural experience ranges from deep foundation and large structure design to more than eight years of API, AWWA and ASME storage tanks and vessels design.  He appreciates that Nelson Baker empowers all of their team members to contribute to the project at every level, resulting in quick and efficient project delivery with ownership at all levels.

Travis Vander Stouwe Senior Mechanical Engineer

Travis oversees the mechanical engineering group with over 20 years of experience.  His background includes mechanical engineering of HVAC and plumbing systems, machine and process design, and manufacturing.  He has worked in various roles such as mechanical and manufacturing engineer, drafting manager, and construction management.  There is a diversity of project work at Nelson Baker, and Travis helps the group tackle the unique challenges of each industry and client whom we serve.  He most appreciates the Nelson Baker team and how they strive for the best outcome for their customers.

Tom Froke Regulatory Manager

Tom has spent over 30 years in safety, environmental and construction work in pharmaceutical manufacturing, ethanol production and fiberglass wind turbine blade manufacturing facilities. Work experiences include quality control, quality assurance, regulatory compliance, chemical safety, hazard analysis and compliance system review and auditing.  Tom worked as an OSHA Consultation Safety Specialist and is an authorized OSHA General Industry Standard Trainer.  He is satisfied with a job well done when his client walks away with a usable system that is regulatory compliant and excels in their unique operational setting.

Scott Chittenden Senior Process Engineer

Scott oversees the process engineering group and has worked in the process industries for over 25 years. His background includes expertise in capital project execution from concept to startup, process simulation, equipment design, process troubleshooting and process studies. He has worked as an operations and design engineer across multiple industries including upstream oil and gas, downstream petroleum refining, chemicals, and alternative fuels such as ethanol. He enjoys the Nelson Baker innovate spirit and drive to make customer ideas come to reality.

Dustin Schilling Project Manager

Dustin has 14+ years of experience managing heavy industrial construction projects, including ethanol plants, gas-fired power plants, Carbon Capture (CCS), crude oil transmission pipelines, and cryogenic gas plants. He is responsible for managing and overseeing all phases of the project-related work that is performed in the office and at customer sites. Dustin understands the importance or creating relationships and partnerships in order to help projects be successful and rewarding for both the client and the customer. He appreciates the challenges that are available to tackle each day at Nelson Baker.

Ken Drovdal Electrical Designer

Ken contributes over 35 years of experience to electrical and automation systems accountability and success for customer’s projects.  He draws from proficiency acquired throughout a career of field, supervisory, and business ownership roles and responsibilities in order to configure solutions, with best practices leading the way.  Ken takes pride in being an essential member of a team that drives a conceptual project to a well thought-out and reliable solution.

Kevin Krehbiel Mechanical Engineer

Kevin has over 30 years of experience in food, pharmaceutical ingredients and bioengineering with industry experience in corn wet milling, dry milling, starch modification and nitrogen fertilizer production. His career has included project, research, maintenance and engineering management.  He enjoys the challenge of designing the ideal piece of equipment for each customer’s specific application.

Tammy VanDeBerg Mechanical Engineer

Tammy brings over 10 years of mechanical engineering experience to the Nelson Baker team. Her previous experience with design and construction work on ethanol plants is beneficial in improving efficiencies within our projects; which in turn, provides even further custom solutions for our clients. She enjoys being creative, bringing ideas to the next level and making sure the job is done properly. Tammy’s overall faith and passion for success is a welcome addition to Nelson Baker’s unique culture.

Taylor Bové Process Engineer

Taylor’s experience has focused on plant operations and process design for corn wet milling and dry milling processes.  His chemical engineering degree and operations experience help him provide customers with operations support and troubleshooting services.  He likes learning about the newest technologies so that he can bring innovative solutions and fresh ideas to Nelson Baker’s projects.

Ben Larson Civil / Structural Engineer

Ben is a civil engineer with experience in structural design and drafting.  He works hard to understand and apply the industry’s best practices to provide a safe and effective design for every client.  He puts forth his best effort to ensure the project is done correctly and efficiently.  And he really appreciates the positive and fun atmosphere at Nelson Baker Biotech.

Heri Rodriguez-Gallo Structural Engineer / Drafter

Heri’s structural engineering background includes design of residential and commercial buildings alongside directing design staff in the preparation of detailed drawings with a clear design intent. His structural drafting and design capabilities stem from practical approach to design challenges and overseeing project progress to completion. He assists in the development of new and improved design procedures while performing analysis and calculations in compliance with Nelson Baker standards and design specifications. He enjoys the engaging growth mindset at Nelson Baker Biotech, where dedication and teamwork create a unique professional and learning environment.

Dave Maurer Structural Drafter

Dave has over 30 years of detailing and design experience in structures, with the last 10 years using 3D modeling (Revit).  His work experience has furthered his knowledge of structural engineering.  He appreciates the opportunity to work at Nelson Baker Biotech and brings his energy and compassion to every project he touches.

James Groskopf Designer / Drafter

James has design and drafting experience with industrial processes and equipment manufacturing, including 3D modeling of equipment skids.  He uses his mechanical engineering degree to optimize on the project’s physical constraints and to integrate new equipment and piping with existing infrastructure.  He strives to create a layout that allows the process to function as smoothly as possible and likes the variety of ideas and projects that he gets to be part of at Nelson Baker Biotech.

Shawn Roberts Designer / Drafter

Shawn has over 25 years experience in the mechanical industry, specializing in piping and mechanical design using 2D and 3D tools. He has had the opportunity to work in downstream oil & gas refining, chemical plant upgrades, along with power generation work in natural gas fired and nuclear power plants. His approach to design stems from many years in the field constructing the same types of projects he now designs, keeping in mind accessibility, constructability and meeting the budgetary needs of the client.

Derek Wynia Designer / Drafter

Derek recently graduated Summa Cum Laude and with honors college distinction from South Dakota State University. He hopes to use his newly acquired Mechanical Engineering degree to make a positive change in the industry. As a drafter at Nelson Baker Biotech, he does that through focusing on how his work will affect the future of our current and potential clients.

Shelley DeJong Project Coordinator

Shelley has 25 years of customer service/management experience in banking, communications, and biorefining-related businesses.  Her attention to detail and organizational skills keep the project details at the fingertips of those who need it.  She coordinates with the project manager, site supervisor, and vendors to ensure the project stays on time and on budget.  Shelley’s favorite part about her job is the diversity of talents and strengths of the Nelson Baker team that allow her to work on a wide variety of projects.

Alyssa Siemonsma Business Development Associate

Alyssa has 10 years of marketing and advertising experience including market research, project management, data analysis and other media-related skills. She believes in change and strives to see a project through to the end. Her readiness to help others along with her will to grow and learn is truly enhanced by Nelson Baker’s team-oriented environment and core values.

Tonya Rood Office Manager

Tonya is Nelson Baker’s Director of First Impressions.  She uses her 30+ years in customer service and management to ensure her customers and vendors have a great experience with Nelson Baker Biotech.  She wears many hats as she addresses the daily tasks of managing the office.  She is proud of the fact that Nelson Baker’s work is not “cookie cutter” or repetitious, but that we work hard to help companies achieve their goals with unique products and technologies.  Plus she has the opportunity to work with a great team of dedicated professionals!

Ed Johnson Controller

Ed has 17+ years of experience as a controller and public accountant.  He has worked in both the manufacturing and the construction industries.  He is excited to be part of an innovative and growing company.  And he is proud to work for a South Dakota company that is so closely involved with the regional economic engine.

Luke Beldin Site Supervisor

Luke has been in construction for over 15 years. He is wonderful to work with in the field and on site. Luke has been in welding and fabrication, usually wearing many different hats. He likes working with Nelson Baker because the company is versatile and everyone he works with has a “can do” attitude! Luke enjoys that Nelson Baker is a growing company that isn’t afraid to take on new ideas and truly works as a team.

John Anderson Site Supervisor

John has 30+ years of experience with being a foreman and a job site supervisor. He loves getting things into impossible places! John enjoys the opportunities and challenges that arise that he can take on as a team on site. John’s strategic nature is best showcased in his attention to overview meetings, pre-planning as a team the way the project should go. He showcases adaptability in his positive attitude and helping others stay upbeat while getting the job done. He looks forward to using his years of experience to help Nelson Baker go further!