Biotech Innovation

The Nelson Baker Biotech team is driven by an enthusiasm for biotech innovation. We partner with the industry’s pioneers to provide turnkey engineering, procurement and construction services. You will find us innovating in a number of biotech applications: fuel ethanol, biochemicals, ag processing, advanced and renewable biofuels, bioplastics, biomass, and algae.

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Expert Services

Our expertise is backed by field and operations experience, licensed professional engineers, and experience in a diversity of industries. Our health, safety, and regulatory services elevate our projects to exceptional levels of safety and sustainability.

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Ideas Made Ideal

Nelson Baker Biotech partners with customers who have an idea for a process upgrade, a need to scale-up a proprietary technology or a desire to optimize their current facilities. We can help. Working together, we help our customers optimize, build, and maintain the safest and most efficient facilities in the industry. Custom solutions keep our clients successful and our jobs exciting. We work to see your Ideas made Ideal.

Core Values

Regardless of the project size or type, these are our priorities.


We Love What We Do

  • We like to love what we do.
  • We approach projects with enthusiasm.
  • We have a good attitude about our work.

You Love What You Do

  • You know we are willing to go the extra mile.
  • You enjoy working with us.
  • You like what you do even more.


Custom Solutions for Every Project

  • We keep our work fresh by constantly innovating.
  • We deliver custom solutions quickly.
  • We work to provide the best design for each project.

Custom Solutions for Your Project

  • You receive a unique solution for your unique challenge.
  • You have confidence that our design will work for you.
  • You count on us to adapt to your project’s needs.


Partnership with Every Client

  • We cultivate meaningful relationships with customers and vendors.
  • We take ownership of every project, working as if it were our very own.
  • We are transparent in the work we do.

Partnership with You

  • You rest assured that we do what is best for the project.
  • You trust us.
  • You know we are investing towards the long-term.



  • We work hard.
  • We get the job done.
  • We take pride in our projects.

Performance for You

  • You become a loyal, satisfied customer.
  • You know we are committed to finishing what we started.
  • You can take pride in your project too.

Nelson Baker Giving Back

Coming to work every day is about more than just a paycheck. The Nelson Baker team’s successful partnerships with clients, contractors and vendors have allowed us opportunities to give back to not only our home area, but quite often regionally and nationally.

Our team members are hands on and energetic, bringing the same care and vigor to volunteer project as they do to an engineering and construction project. Our company’s purpose goes well beyond the projects and this is why we come to work every day.