June 3, 2019 —

For the past 12 years, the company has partnered with innovators to design and build state of the art projects within the biofuels industry. Under our previous name, many thought we only provided engineering services. Our business model has been and continues to be a full, turnkey Engineering, Procurement and Construction service provider. We partner with you to provide front-end engineering, detailed engineering, procurement, construction and start up of your project.

Though we pride ourselves on our expertise in biofuels, in recent years we have expanded into additional industrial biotechnology applications, including biomass processing, biochemicals and biogas. The new company name now better reflects our expertise. Our team has grown along with our industries. The depth of technical expertise our team offers and the innovative experience our company has is better clarified with our new name. Innovation, Engineering, Construction is what we do. We work to see our clients’ Ideas made Ideal.

Regards from the team at Nelson Baker Biotech,

Jerry Baker, CEO & Stacy Nelson, President